Apogee Global is a Next Generation Product and Service oriented Technology organization with focus on IOT/E, Internet Security,Mobility, Analytic’s &  Cloud development/deployment  services for the international market place. We have our core Development centers  located in North America [Utah, Halifax]  and  Asia [ India, Bangalore, Silicon Valley of India] , with  Corporate  Offices in North America. We follow strict engineering discipline to create software products & services. We follow SDLC core processes & practices related to estimation, Requirements development, Functional architecture & design, Code development, Testing, Documentation , and release with on -going Support , with a Product & Service oriented mind set.



Apogee global follows Agile software development methods to accelerate time to market and keep in sync with customer demands.  Agile development is driven, by a vision to achieve business value and fosters better teamwork, resulting in increased productivity, higher quality, and responding more rapidly to market demands.


Apogee Global works on cutting edge technologies to architect and create scalable, future-proof, and out-of-the-box solutions.The new technology platforms,  we are actively working on, are given below:

Focus Area

Internet Security , Network/Gateway Security Mobility & Development
Internet Of Things/Everything Analytic’s & Machine Learning
Open Source Technologies Cloud Development/ Deployment , SaaS